August 13, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

It's still dangerously hot, of course. In the month since my Minnesota vacation filled with pleasant warm days and cool nights, the weather at home has been stifling around the clock. We have had excessive heat warnings for all but 4 or 5 days in the past month, and it doesn't cool below the low 80's at night. If the high hasn't actually been above 100 degrees, then the heat index  - what the temperature actually feels like - has well exceeded the century mark, usually in the neighborhood of 110-115.

School started this week, and it just doesn't feel right to still be this hot. But there might be a light at the end of this suffocating tunnel. All week long, there have been promises of a cool front by the weekend. Imagine my disappointment when I looked online yesterday afternoon and saw this:

The cool front was supposed to be here by Saturday. What was that 100-degree business doing there? Naturally, I started looking for a forecast that would be more to my liking. Instead, I found this:

That's right. That station's predicted high for Saturday was 104, which doesn't look like a cool front to me. And leaving that "Excessive Heat Warning" off of the graphic doesn't make it feel any better. Not. one. bit.

Not to be deterred, I checked one more station.

Hallelujah! A forecast temperature under 100 degrees! Honestly, 98 still isn't much of a cool front, and today that station has since joined the chorus of "Hotter than Hades" predictions and raised the forecast high for Saturday to 104. But Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday promise to be in the LOW 90s.

I'm so excited that I'm thinking about getting my winter clothes out.

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We're happy tonight.
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Until next time,
Margaret ;-)


  1. I like to watch Christmas movies while it's so hot. There is something about being in the Christmas mood that makes me feel cooler-that and AC! :) LOL

  2. It is a psychological boost to think about Christmas, isn't it? We had a blizzard last Christmas Eve. At the time, I didn't realize what a memory it would become!

  3. Oops. I left "fond" out. I didn't realize what a FOND memory it would become!

  4. I am over the 100 degree heat. But yeah.. somehow I started thinking about Christmas presents this week.

  5. Wow. You sure put a spin on what I think of as "hot" weather, here in my part of the mid-west! I've been complaining about temps in the upper 80s, and so much humidity it feels like a sauna outside. I don't think I could manage, where you are! I'd be melting!

    Bring on the sleighbells, and if it helps, set up a Christmas tree!

  6. Wow! Everyone seems to be suffering from the heat in the States!

    Crazy because in Cancun we're sitting right at 90 degrees all week. The humidity makes it feel like a lot more though haha.

    Take a cold shower and eat a popsicle!!

  7. margaret!!! i just pray the last forecast is
    correct. hot cocoa at my house on sunday

  8. I'm hoping now for cooler weather by Sunday night/Monday morning. I couldn't even vacuum today because it's too hot even with the A/C running.

    Come on, fall!

  9. Sometimes we've received the promised cool front, but the humidity levels are still so high. That's what bothers me most. Stay cool and may there be relief soon...

  10. Oh, this is wonderful...! Thank you...!

    Our whole province is on fire -- literally...!