December 2, 2010

Spirit of Thanksgiving, Post #3 (The Smallest Tree)

As I strive to continue the Spirit of Thanksgiving throughout the holiday season, today I am thankful for small Christmas trees. This is also my shameless attempt to win an itty bitty candy cane, courtesy of Lea at My Letters to Emily. Her contest was inspired by A Haven for Vee's 3-foot tree, which I believe totally defies its small stature.

It's not all about my competitive nature though. I really am thankful for small trees, since they grace my home with a festive spirit during the Christmas seasons that I choose not to put up a tree, or when time gets away from me before that deed can be accomplished.

There are the trees I made for my mantel. The picture is not great, because I cropped it from last year's pictures, but you get the idea. These trees are still in the closet, waiting to grace my living room, once again...

I think the lopsidedness is part of their charm. ;-)  The ceramic tree (just to the left of the tree on the far right) rotates as it plays Angels We Have Heard on High.

There is the whimsical tree that sits on my coffee table. Again, an unfortunate cropping job from last year...

There is the retro pink tinsel tree that I love for the fun bit of kitsch that it brings to my life each December...

And then there is the tiniest tree, the only one that is actually out so far...

There is a bit of an optical illusion in the picture below - it's about 4-3/4" high, but it looks even shorter next to the yardstick, thanks to the angle...

Someday, it will go to my grandniece (along with the dollhouse I originally purchased it for) when she is old enough for such an itsy bitsy treasure. For now, it's my tiniest tree.

Until next time,

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. ~ I Timothy 4:12


  1. you win the smallest tree contest . . . the most creative
    response . . . and the coolest Christmas decor.

    the grand prize is a teeny candy cane!!!!
    could you, please, email me your address?
    thanks for making this so much fun..

    merry Christmas,

  2. Margaret - A charming post. Your tiniest tree reminded me of our annual "Charlie Brown Tree," which every year is brought in from outdoors and graces our mantel until January 1. ;-)

  3. It is a pretty cute little tree,isn't it? The best things do come in small packages. =)

  4. Oh what an excellent post! It really isn't the size of the tree at all now is it? It's the love around the tree just as one of my commenters shared with me. I also like the thought that the smallest of things can bring comfort and cheer. I smiled seeing each one of your Christmas trees and most especially the last.

  5. I love the retro pink!!