March 1, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Since my last post much has happened.

  • I have learned that I'm a Leo instead of a Cancer, which is just plain wrong.
  • Two Middle-Eastern governments have been overthrown.
  • We have discovered that the delusional rants of Muammar Gaddafi are nothing compared to the delusional rants of Charlie Sheen.

I may have exaggerated a bit on the last one, but just a bit. I feel reasonably certain that Charlie Sheen has not hired mercenaries to kill his enemies - although at this point I don't think anything would surprise me as each day seems to bring a new dimension to the very public unraveling of Charlie.

As long as I have brought up the topic of Charlie Sheen, just this week I have learned that I have missed the vanity cards that appear at the end of each episode of Two and a Half Men. I was vaguely aware that something flashed by at the end of the credits, but I didn't know what it was.

Now, thanks to Charlie's rants, I have discovered that I have been missing a creative art form. It seems that Chuck Lorre, the show's co-creator and the target of some of Charlie's nastiest comments, has been writing vanity cards to end episodes of his various shows for years. It turns out they are also on The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly and they were on Dharma & Greg. You can find them archived on Lorre's website.

While cards from the recent weeks have attracted a lot of attention, it's #111 that caught my eye. It begins with words that I felt speaking directly to me. "This is the official "I have nothing worth writing about" vanity card. It will run whenever I have nothing worth writing about." It was first aired in November of 2009, and as Lorre goes on to explain, he wrote it because he realized he had nothing to say, and the only thing that had kept him from coming up with this card earlier was his vanity about the vanity cards.

Source: Google Images
That pretty much sums up how I have felt the last couple of months. It wasn't necessarily that I had nothing to say, or nothing worth writing about. There were a couple of times when I was tempted to write a post about something I felt strongly about, but I held back because it either wasn't my post to write, or it wasn't the right time to write it. I realized that I would be writing for the sake of filling a space, and to appease my own vanity. I tried reading other blogs and realized my competitive nature was dangerously close to taking over, tempting me to post just to keep up with everyone else.

As I held back, I learned that I don't need to share every thought as it enters my head. I can wait for the right time. I can wait to feel inspired. I can wait. And, as Chuck Lorre points out on card #111, "that knowledge is freedom."

So thanks to each of you who have either posted or emailed me to ask how I'm doing. Nothing has been going on beyond regular life and oh yeah, the occasional record-breaking snowstorm. It's wonderful to know I have been missed. I am feeling refreshed from this break, but I'm still not sure I'm ready to get back to a regular writing schedule.

While I continue to wait for the right time to return to posting on a somewhat regular basis, I will get back to the routine of visiting and commenting on your blogs, looking forward to the wisdom each of you has to share. I've missed all of you!

Love to each of you,

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
2 Corinthians 3:17


  1. A child of the King... is NOT a Leo or a Cancer or any of the symbols of astrology, which He has forbid.

  2. Nice to see you here again! I'm thinking it's a very good thing that not everyone agrees about waiting for "just the right moment." Otherwise, there'd be crickets chirping across Blogdom. For me, it's the everyday things that make a blog interesting. I mean, let us pray that there won't be too many Charlie Sheen moments. (Now why can't I get my post together on the deplorable condition of mental health care in this country?)

  3. Happy to see you back Margaret! :)

  4. hip hip hooray! i have missed your posts so much. we all
    have to make the course corrections, don't we? i only know
    one other blogger who writes about current events with
    almost as much wisdom and humor.

    so, please don't make us wait long . . .

  5. I think we all go through stages where we pull away from blogging a bit. I'm glad to see you're okay!



  6. Thanks for this! I needed to read it. I especially needed, "As I held back, I learned that I don't need to share every thought as it enters my head. I can wait for the right time. I can wait to feel inspired. I can wait. And, as Chuck Lorre points out on card #111, '"that knowledge is freedom.'"

  7. I am glad to see that you are doing well. I've been feeling much the same way the past few weeks. I'm still writing, but I've pulled back.

  8. Thanks so much for the link to those archives!! I've noticed them before at the end of shows and always wanted to read what they actually said. New time-waster? I think so!