April 7, 2012

A Day for Reflection

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday and Christ's Triumphal into Jerusalem and culminates in the darkness of Good Friday.

But what about Saturday?

We have no idea what the disciples were feeling on Saturday. They must have felt inconsolable grief at the loss of their rabbi and friend, but did 10 of them also feel guilt for spending Friday in hiding while John and the women stood at the foot of the cross? Were they still totally overcome with fear for their own lives? Did they think they had been wrong for the previous 3 years? Were they beginning to question who Jesus was? Had they lost hope?

Saturday surely left them with questions, but Sunday's coming!

Sarah Reeves, "Lamb of God"


  1. Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Easter Margaret.

  2. this is so true! saturday was the endless
    liminal day. sometimes it feels like that

  3. margaret! i was counting on YOU to teach me how
    to finagle the new blogger. :)

    i haven't been able to figure out how to access my
    drafts. you know, the treasure vault? hee hee.

    if by some miracle, i do come to an understanding
    with the newness, i will let you know. vice versa,