March 20, 2010

Blogosphere Award Day #2

We interrupt the eHarmony, eSchmarmony series in order to post more awards for some of my favorites from the Blogosphere. Check them out and leave comments - I hope you find some new friends!

Again I start out with friends I know from "real" life - the first two. The last two I've met through blogging.

Hahn Hugs and Love - Jane, the most-liked girl in my high school class started this blog following the sudden loss of one of her sons last fall. Jane talks about her faith, and how it has gotten her family through their tragic loss. She also writes from her heart about how the loss feels, giving all of us a better idea of what to say and do when the unthinkable happens.

A Nerd and a Free Spirit - Follow Kathryn and Mark through the first year of marriage. Kathryn turns every day into an event, fully recognizing what a wonderful season of life she and Mark are sharing. (She also hosts fun giveaways!)

Single Christian Woman 30+ and Waiting - not only my first international follower (from Canada), but one of the first followers who didn't already know me. She writes beautifully about waiting for God's perfect timing in her life. I don't know how she stumbled onto my blog, but I'm glad she did.

Not Quite Susie - The full title is Not Quite Susie Homemaker, this blog is full of variety. And I won a giveaway from Susie! I love this blog. =)

I hope you find some new friends!



  1. thanks, margaret, for the new blogs!

    i look forward to visiting them.

    how 'bout this snow?

  2. Thanks for sharing these sites. As a newbie, I am really looking for blogs to read and inspire me.