May 28, 2010

Carrie? Really?

So I took the "Which Sex and the City Girl Are You?" quiz, and apparently I'm Carrie. I am mostly appalled. I know there was no show without Carrie, but gosh, 6 years of whining about Big... To tell you the truth I found Carrie pretty tiresome.

I always assumed I'd be Miranda in that test. I'm Dorothy in the Golden Girls quiz, and if such a thing as a Designing Women quiz exists, I'm sure I'd be Julia. I'm always the one who is ready to tell everybody how the cow ate the cabbage. Like all the other women, Miranda has admirable qualities, but I don't want to be the cynical Miranda.

There's not a chance I'd be Samantha. No point in even discussing that.

Just about everyone wants to be Charlotte. All the results I've seen posted are for Charlotte. If I had to be one of the 4, I suppose I'd rather be Charlotte, too, but I don't really want to be Charlotte either. She was about as needy as Carrie.

Despite the fact that I don't want to be any of these women, I was hooked on the show. I never saw it until it went into syndication. When TBS started running it, I swore I'd never watch it. The whole concept bothered me. Four single women who are obsessed with sex...good grief, who wants to watch that?

My sister told me to watch it "just for the shoes." After suffering through clunky, ugly shoes throughout the '90s and beyond, neither one of us can get enough of cute shoes. I insisted that I didn't care how cute the shoes were. I would not lower myself to watching Sex and the City.

But then, while I was watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond or some such (yes, I am that boring), I'd see the promos for the upcoming episode of...Sex and the City. And the promo would include a blurb that made me think, "Wow, I've had that conversation" or "I thought I was the only one who ever thought that."

So I started watching the show..and it wasn't long before I was totally hooked. The relationships between the women were as compelling as the relationships on every classic TV show I ever loved. The had the comic side of I Love Lucy or Dick Van Dyke, the life-changing side of M*A*S*H, the facing life as a single of Golden Girls, and the sharp writing of Frasier. And I got hooked on the storyline, too.

Would Carrie and Big ever get together? Then Aiden came along. I always loved John Corbett in Northern Exposure, and he was just as good on Sex and the City. The only problem with Aiden was that he was too nice for Carrie. Neither one of them recognized that, of course, but Aiden was way too nice for her. She treated him horribly. At that point I wanted her to get back together with Big, just so Aiden could get on with his life. (Although now that I've learned he has dated Bo Derick for the last 8 years, I'm starting to think John Corbett isn't as lovable as his characters. Why couldn't he date someone average, you know, like me? Not me of course, because I have that secret celebrity crush on Alec Baldwin, but a regular person...this is all I'm saying.)

Then there was the very brief interlude with Berger who broke up with Carrie on a Post-It note. He was a writer, for crying out loud, and he couldn't come up with more words than he could get onto a Post-It. What single gal past 50 couldn't relate?

And finally there was the ballerina artist. Mikhail Baryshnikov's character made the last season insufferable. (The good part about seeing it in syndication was that they ran 2 episodes each night, so a season was like, I don't know, 2 weeks. I can take 2 weeks of insufferable.) Alexander's arrogance made Big seem positively warm and fuzzy, making the series finale everything viewers could have hoped for.

Of course the first movie was generally well-received, too. Just like the show, it had that whole tedious period where you wondered if she and Big were ever going to get together. I suppose Sex and the City 2 will have us wondering if she and Big are going to stay together.

Tedious or not, I plan to see it. Maybe not this weekend but soon.

Damn those cute shoes.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I swore I wouldn't get into that show either...but TBS did it for me too! At least in sydication we didn't have to see all the nudity and none of it.

    I am waiting for the big review on the sequel movie. I'm sure I will reserve it in Redbox when it comes out! Lol

  2. Haven't watched too much of the show, but all the women seem kinda annoying, am I right?

    You're not boring! Everybody Loves Raymond is awesome!

  3. SML - There was a review in this morning's paper that made me think maybe it's not worth rushing to see. Evidently the crowds in New York complicate things to the extreme. Last time I think they shot decoy scenes to keep fans from figuring out the entire storyline in advance. That's why they shot this one out of the country, and the reviewer seemed to find the plot that resulted pretty lame.

    Cancun -Individually, the women are annoying as all get out. Somehow the chemistry of the 4 together really works because they balance one another out. But there is only so much balancing out that can be done when the characters are mostly shallow.

  4. hee hee! now we will all call you 'carrie!'

  5. You are so REAL and CHARMING! I'm shaking my head in agreement and LOL!!! ;-D Loved the post!!!

  6. I have all the I actually hate the versions on TBS. They cut out more than the sex scenes.

    Anyone who thinks the show is just about sex and shoes is sorely mistaken.

    And, ahem, I don't want to be a Charlotte. She's probably the one I relate to the LEAST.

  7. Oh and regarding the crowds in NYC during taping...uhm, yes. I live in NY and it was a total zoo. I constantly had to change my routine because of the crowds.

    I was worried about the poor reviews at first too...but then I realized the show and movie(s) have such a cult following, and movie reviewers probably aren't members of that cult.

  8. Erin,

    I'm sure they cut a lot in the interest of time when the show went to syndication, which is too bad. (And I never would have gotten hooked if it had just been about sex and shoes.)

    It's good to know there are women who don't want to be Charlotte. I've been depressed to see how many do aspire to be like her. I should have elaborated on that.

    Thanks for visiting!

  9. Erin - They say the crowds are good so far, despite the bad review. They may not get as many repeat ticket buyers this time around, but the fans will want to see it so we can judge for ourselves!

  10. I wonder who I would end up being? But like you said, they all have their flaws!!!

    I too got hooked on the show ...of all people, my HUSBAND introduced me to it. We watched it when it was on HBO ... which leads to a lot more graphic sex scenes for Samantha (so I don't think you missed too much on TBS).

    Some of the time, the attraction was simply Carrie's ridiculous outfits. They just cracke us up ... but I do admit to getting hooked on the Big storyline. I wanted them to end up together. And I liked the first movie ... but I just cannot imagine where they will take the second one. It didn't seem needed really, and the previews looks kind of terrible. But I'm sure the clothes are worth it.

  11. Carrie's outfits were a hoot!. Who really wears that stuff?

  12. Ha, Ha! I'm off to see it on Wed and I can't wait. I actually get to go for work purposes to review the trends. How cool is that!
    Thanks for visiting Random Recycling. I'm a new follower now.

  13. Recycling Mom - You get to see SATC for the trends for work? I am sooooo jealous!