May 6, 2010

An Open Door

I once had a pastor who liked to say that God opens doors, but sometimes you have to push on the door in order to know that it's open. I know it sounds corny enough to go on a church marquee, but I think there's truth in it. Even if God opens a door, there's some effort required on our part.

We don't have to build the door, we don't have to paint the door, and we don't even have to figure out where the door goes. All that's required of us is the obedience to get up and push on the door, and walk through it.

Sometimes we assume that if God is leading, we won't need to lift a finger, or make any kind of sacrifice. We assume it will be easy. But that's not always the case. Just because God has opened the door doesn't mean the other side will lack trials. It just means that the impossible will become possible, as His strength will become ours.

For nothing is impossible with God. ~ Luke 1:37


  1. I've got a few doors that probably need to be pushed on...

    thanks for sharing that verse. I don't recall seeing it before. I know I have read it...but I guess it just escaped me. I really needed that today.


  2. Thank you for sharing this. It is a reminder to look for the doors He has opened for us.

  3. Sometimes we have to look past the door we're hoping He'll open in order to see the right door.

  4. Great post... Guess I need to just push open those doors that I know are already there...

  5. Great post and great image. Something we always need to be reminded of I think.

  6. oh, margaret that is so true! it seems my
    greatest joys have come from the sacrifice
    of walking through those doors.

    i say it all the time, "but i will not make a
    sacrifice that costs me nothing."

    it also almost always seems that the door
    will be far heavier or the pain so much more
    severe than it ends up being.

    blessings on your weekend. . . and i can't
    believe i am going to say this, but you might
    not want to go to church this sunday. :)

  7. I've taken a peek at the worship order for Sunday, and it looks safe. There will be the awkward "Happy Mothers Day" greetings offered by those who aren't thinking, but it's always more awkward for them than it is for me. ;-)

  8. Very true ... you can't expect God to do everything for you!