March 29, 2010

Totally Clueless

Making fun of the disciples is almost too easy. Despite spending three years in close contact with Jesus, eyewitnesses to miracle after miracle, they remained totally clueless.

They saw Him drive demons out of pigs. They saw Him feed the multitudes. They saw Him walk on water. They saw Him repair broken lives by healing lepers and the lame. And not long before that fateful trip to Jerusalem, they saw Him raise His friend, Lazarus from the dead.

Despite all of that, and the times that Jesus had foretold His own death and resurrection, they must not have expected Christ to literally rise from the dead. If they had, they'd have been at the tomb Sunday morning instead of hiding out, as they had been for 3 days.

I understand. I'm often clueless about God, too. 

I get the part about nothing being impossible with God. At least part of me gets it. The other part is thinking, "it may not be impossible, but it's certainly improbable."

Is that what the disciples were thinking in their hidy hole? Did any of them say it out loud? Were they afraid to believe that God is, indeed, able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than all we can ask or imagine?

Did they think it was just hoping for too much?

Or did they ever consider the possibility that Christ could defeat death? Did they question their instincts in devoting three years to following the carpenter from Nazareth? Did they begin to wonder if they had imagined the miracles they had seen with their own eyes?

Do I do the same thing? Do I sometimes forget the times I have witnessed God work in my own life? Do I sometimes hesitate to ask because it just seems like it's more than God can do?

I have to confess that the answer is yes.

It's hard to make fun of the disciples when I realize I'm no better than they were.

I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief! 
Mark 9:24 (NIV)


  1. Great post Margret. So very true

  2. Thanks, Carol. I was hoping it wasn't just me.

  3. "did they begin to wonder if they
    imagined the miracles that they
    saw with their own eyes?"

    guilty as charged. oh the miracles
    i have seen and later doubted.

  4. I've often wondered these very same things about the disciples and what I might have done in similar circumstances. Like you, I didn't spend too long wondering knowing full well that I am no better. But oh the change in those disciples!

    Thank you, Margaret, for your insightful comments today and for daring to be the first after such a tough post.

  5. The disciples did, indeed change.

    But oh, how that convicts me. Lord, how can I still be so clueless???

  6. The disciples had their sights set a little too low... earthly kingdom, sitting at Jesus' right and left hand... I know I limit God because I am usually thinking in the earthly realms when God's idea is on a much bigger scale. When we seek reward from the world around us, that's all we'll get. When we do what we do and follow Christ for the eternal reward... you catch my drift.

    Thanks for the post. I am single (again) and never thought I would find myself forty-something and alone. I enjoy reading your blog. Oh... I am also a Lady Blogger.