June 11, 2010

30 Things I Vow To Do This Summer


It's time for another Writer's Workshop assignment from Mama Kat. I was not going to do this prompt, because the idea of listing 30 things to do this summer overwhelmed me. After reading other lists, I'm feeling inspired, and if I post my summer 2010 resolutions, I'm more likely to accomplish them, so here we are. There are some fun things (see #1 on the list) and some things I just need to get taken care of so I won't be stressed this fall when work becomes much more hectic. I like to think there's a balance of fun and productive things to do before Labor Day.

1. Meet my new grand-niece who will be moving here with her parents in August!
2. Clean out the junk in my guest room.
3. Move the massive bookcase from the hall into my guest room.
4. Fix the toilet in the hall bath.
5. Replace the faucet in my bathroom.
6. Read more. OK, read.
7. Brush my cats daily...or at least every other day.
8. Visit my sister in Minnesota.
9. Nap in a hammock at my sister's.
10. Get the self-tanner routine down so it doesn't take planning.
11. Start phasing the red out of my hair...at least a little.
12. Keep growing my hair out.
13. Walk early in the morning in the evenings.
14. Get the weights out from behind the sofa and actually use them.
15. Get my old movie posters out from under the bed and onto eBay.
16. Figure out the converter boxes so I can ditch cable.
17. Make it to the Farmer's Market.
18. Nap on Friday afternoons in June and July when I get off work at noon.
19. Make it to work by 8:00 on Fridays so I can get off at noon.
20. Train my new neighbor to help water the common areas.
21. Repaint my outdoor chairs.
22. Figure out what will grow in the flower bed where none of the bulbs survived this past winter, even though the planting will have to wait until fall since it's already too blasted hot to plant anything there.
23. Clean my office.
24. Set up a new filing system at work.
25. Try to set aside one night a month to have friends over.
26. Spend time playing around with Photoshop so I won't forget what I learned in a one-day class this week!
27. Write a bunch Single and Sane posts in advance.
28. Become better about responding to everyone who is kind enough to comment on my blog.
29. Spend time sitting on the patio doing nothing except listening to the sounds of summer.
30. Train myself to sign my name to my posts so those of you who don't know me can learn my name. (Yes, Virginia, I do have a name!)

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Mama's Losin' It



  1. This is an excellent list! Lots of stuff I wouldn't have thought of, so it triggered some things to add to my own 'phantom list'!



  2. Great list! You thought of some things I should have put on my list. I especially like the one about sitting on the patio listening to the sounds of summer. :)

  3. Ambitious list and if you add Manuela's (The Pleasures of Homemaking) idea of hanging plates on a fence, there's one more! It's a fun one, though. I snag all my best ideas from her.

  4. Sonja, I've had a phantom list, too. I'm hoping making it more concrete will also help get more of it done!

    Carol, the sounds of summer are the best, aren't they?

    Vee, it would be lovely to look at pretty plates on my fence while I listen to the sounds of summer in my freshly painted chairs. =)

  5. Margaret - outstanding list! You've motivated me to put one of my own together! :)

  6. Margaret:
    Thanks for stopping by the blog today and leaving your kind comment. You are always welcome there.

    I think it's good to make a list of summer goals. Right now, mine boils down to one thing--getting out of here and getting settled into our new home. I would add... keeping Jesus as my anchor at the top of that list. It's been hard for me to find my balance in recent day, but I see the need for good focus and a ton of grace!


  7. your list exhausted me. how much of this did you accomplish?
    it's hard for me even to remember 2010! :)