June 2, 2010

Tipper and Al

With the announcement of the Gore separation, it appears that another couple is headed towards singledom. I keep wondering why this one seems to be hitting people harder than most celebrity breakups.

Maybe it's because we've "known" the Gores for so long. Twenty-five years ago, when Tipper was just beginning to push for warning labels for records marketed to children, I thought Tipper would be a great name for an Irish Setter. A few years later, when Al Gore joined Bill Clinton's campaign, we all got to know Al and Tipper better and the Gores' marriage seemed, well, solid. As the years went by, their marriage only seemed stronger - particularly in comparison to that other marriage - and while I found "The Kiss" at the 2000 Democratic convention pretty obnoxious, it still reminded us how committed Al and Tipper appeared to be to one another.

Maybe it's because we didn't see this coming. If Bill and Hillary announced a separation, we'd look at each other knowingly and say, "She finally had enough." If Rudy and Judy broke up we'd shrug our shoulders and say, "What did they expect when they started dating each other when he was still married?" We don't like to be surprised by these things - as if couples should give us a heads up when things start falling apart.

Maybe it's because they seemed to be such good friends. Gosh, if they can't make it...we don't even want to finish the sentence. I think that's the part that scares most of us, whether we're married or single.

There's a lot of speculation - particularly on the morning news shows and the cable networks - about why the Gores would take this step after 40 years. Even as the anchors say it makes them uncomfortable to discuss it...they continue to discuss it.

I hope the talking heads move on soon and give the Gores some peace. They don't owe us an explanation, no matter how curious we may be.


  1. It's always made me sad to hear about couples who have been together for so long getting a divorce or separating. Even though I certainly am not an Al Gore supporter, I do hope that he and Tipper can work through their issues and remain together. Forty years of marriage is a lot to throw away.

  2. Thanks, again, for such a sensible post. I follow Boundless (FOTF) just to get another view, and while it did not gloat--there was a response or two that approached being less than tasteful. I find this divorce to be very sad--the Vice-President should be proud of his accomplishments andI have always been a big Tipper fan, even though I don't agree with her opinion on everything.

  3. Katie - It is terribly sad, and I hope they work through it, too. I also hope everyone leaves them alone so they can do that.

    Renata - Thanks for directing me to the Boundless article. I just took a look at it. The writer quoted Ellen McCarthy from the Washington Post, who missed a major point. It seems to me that the loneliest people often are married to someone who IS on the other side of the bed, even after a long marriage. It's always tragic when you see that happen to a couple.

  4. It is sad. I think they need to go to counseling. I feel sorry for their children and grandchildren.

  5. I HAD NO IDEA!!! That's crazy. The only time I've been more upset was when Jon cheated on Kate.

    Hope they work it out.