April 20, 2010

Blame My Grandblog

I've mentioned before that I have a grandblog. Single and Sane indirectly birthed My Letters to Emily, which I'm proud to say is way better than my blog. Emily is written by someone with a wonderful writing style, and she always makes her point quickly and succinctly. I, on the other hand, tend to meander my way to the point.

Earlier this week, my whippersnapper of a grandblog tagged me in a game where I have to list 10 things about myself and then I'm 'sposed to tag 10 other blogs that I enjoy. Here's the problem: I fear that once I've listed 10 things about me, you'll all discover how truly dull I am and never come back. 

The good news is that it's an opportunity to throw out totally random thoughts that wouldn't qualify as an entire post. So here goes...

  1. I wonder why current clothing trends almost always seem perfectly fine until you look back at pictures of yourself years later and wonder what possessed you to ever wear something so hideous. Do you think Joan Collins cringes when she looks at this picture? If not, she certainly should.
  2. I don't have a favorite color. I love color in general, and the brighter the better. (Even so, I think Joan's jacket is a bit over the top.)
  3. I don't consider beige to be a color.
  4. My decorating style is eclectic. I have antiques that belonged to my grandmother (and to her grandparents) mixed with everything from wicker, to contemporary, to a hot pink sofa. (See item 2.)
  5. My musical tastes are also eclectic. I love Elvis, the Rolling Stones, and John Rutter, among others. (I didn't love Elvis until I'd been to Graceland. That place is a hoot.)
  6. I am not a fan of texting. As a matter of fact, I utterly despise it, which is why my cell phone generally lives in my purse and not out in plain sight. Call me, email me, but don't text me, bro. Unless you actually are my bro. (Relatives can text, as long as they don't abuse the privilege.)
  7. I think Sunday afternoon naps are one of life's greatest pleasures.
  8. Whenever people get in a dither over lead in paint paint, I find myself wondering how others who spent their entire lives in houses with lead paint managed to figure out how to get us to the moon. Imagine how smart they might have been if we'd taken the lead out earlier. (Basically I think it's silly to act like the dangers of lead paint were just discovered in the last 5 minutes. Ditto a wide assortment of topics.)
  9. I'll take a show with great writing, such as West Wing, Boston Legal, 30 Rock, or Modern Family over reality TV any day. Even the rerun of a well-written show full of clever repartee is much more entertaining to me than Dancing with the Stars. There is one exception to my "no reality TV" rule: The Marriage Ref. Of course, I keep forgetting it's on, but when I do remember to watch it, I think it's pretty amusing.
  10. Don't tell anyone, but I have a secret crush on Alec Baldwin. I know, I know...but he can be so darn funny...even when Tina Fey & Co. aren't writing his lines.
The Alec Baldwin confession was probably too much, but there you have it. Emily made up her own rules, refusing to tell us 10 things about herself - that is until she was prodded by Vee to give us a few tidbits. I'm making up my own rules, as well. Instead of tagging 10 other blogs, I'm giving you all a choice. If you want to play the game, then write your post with 10 things about yourself and leave a comment here so we'll know where to find you. If you don't want to play, but you're in the mood to visit some new blogs, then take some time to peruse the blogs I follow in the right column. You'll find some great ones!

But be sure to check out my grandblog. It's really good!


      1. I don't have a favorite color, either!! I thought I was the only one. Life's too short to pick just one, right?

        I do love reality tv, though. Survivor, America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, The Amazing Race... I can't get enough.

      2. Life's too short to pick just one favorite color...I love that!

        I have a lot of friends who love reality TV. And now that you have mentioned Project Runway, I must confess that I have been known to watch HGTV's Design Star. Darn it. I guess I'll have to scratch #9!

      3. Sunday afternoon naps are manna from Heaven! Literally - especially with a toddler in the house - I can get him to snuggle beside me on the couch...man that is just bliss!

        And Alex Baldwin...um...actually..honestly...I think he is just too cute! So...don't feel bad...he's on my celebrity crush list. Although I'm not sure of his personal life??? lol..

      4. I do like your grandblog! I didn't quite know you were related.

        And naps on any day are a favorite of mine. I can never get enough sleep!

        Oh. .. and 30 Rock and Modern Family are my two favorite shows!!

      5. Supermanslady - I'm not sure about Alec's personal life either, but since I have the same chance with him as I have with George Clooney (nill), I don't have to worry about that. The fantasy is safe! ;-)

        Jenners - I went to junior high and high school with my grandblog, but it's been through blogging that we've gotten to know each other better. I think her blog is amazing!

      6. Gosh, when I saw that Joan Collins picture I chuckled! I remember that period of fashion, and how at that time, I thought shoulder pads would forever be in fashion!

      7. margaret! i just saw this! you are too funny and way
        too hip to have a grandblog.

        i'm still trying to get over the alec baldwin confession, but
        you know what they say about confession being good for
        the soul. :)

      8. I knew that Alec Baldwin thing would get your attention. ;-)